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Vike Bike

An e-bike designed specifically for female cyclers for daily and commuting use. 

2021 - brand development, appearance design, rendering

3dfinal cover_edited_edited.jpg

Vike is an e-bike designed specifically for female cyclers for daily and commuting use. It is designed for the brand lululemon, a clothing company which emphasizes sustainable yoga wear for women. Vike is a bike that meets women's cycling needs and extends the physical relaxation and bodily stretches embodied in a yoga practice.

cover letter ammunition-03.png

Background Research

It can be hard for women to ride a bike in a dress or skirt. The wind might blow their skirts up and a standard bike’s high top-tube is not always convenient for riders.

High top tube


Mudgaurds are sepreated from the main frame

Hard lines and masculine design language

Wearing Dress

Design Goal

Based on the needs of female cyclers, there are three goals met in this project. 1. A lower frame which removes the top tube.

2. A more reasonable mudguard that integrates with the main body. 

3. Designs which are based on function as well as utilizes curvature to create a soft feeling.


Fit female riders clothing

Integrated mudguard

Simple minimal design

Soft form curvature

3d ideation sketches.png


The idea focuses on removing the top tube of the bike, connecting all parts with as few lines as possible, and testing out the balance between curvature and straight edges.

未命名作品 1.png


The form of Vike is inspired by movements used in yoga practices. This emphasizes a continuous flow and stretching both sides of the body. And Finding balance with all points of the body.

yoga curves.png
bike curves.png
models developmetns_edited.png

Final Rendering

bike introdeuction over lay.png
Group 2.png
Group 1.png
Group 3.png
Group 4.png
Group 7.png
Group 9_edited.png

Color Options

The main body of the bike is white but all colors on the spectrum are available for the top and back piece. A special all-black version is offered as well.

color gradient.png
on women 3_edited.jpg

Enjoy Your Ride with Vike!

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