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A smart home boxing device that doubles as a beautiful wall speaker piece when not in use.

2023 - consumer electronic, appearance design, lifestyle product

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Birth Story

Birth Story

1. Boxing is a perfect exercise for home fitness.

2. Easy to Set Up

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hands wrap

boxing gloves

sand bag

small area

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I want to do boxing at home but 

Why boxing is not in the home fitness market?

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Problem with punching bag

  • Take up a lot of space

  • Loud noise

  • Not visually pleasing

  • Hard to move around

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No guidance

  • Don’t know the right place to punch

  • Wrong posture

  • No systematic planned training

  • Lack of flexibility

Project Goal

Project Goal

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Background Research

Background Research

Target Users

Crafted with a focus on home fitness enthusiasts, novice boxers, and those pursuing recreational boxing, the Punch caters to a diverse audience. Notably excluding professional boxers and athletes, it is tailored for the needs and aspirations of the home-centric fitness and recreational boxing communities.

Fitness fanatic


Beginner Boxer


Recreational Boxer


Pro Boxer

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Target Market

Designed for the discerning market of home furnishings, fitness enthusiasts, and boxing aficionados, the Punch not only delivers an unparalleled boxing experience but also transforms into a stylish piece of furniture, harmonizing with the aesthetic preferences of the modern, multifaceted consumer.



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78% of people owns a home fitness product in 2021.

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The market of home gyms is growing rapidly...

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Benchmark of sandbag

Benchmark of smart home fitness

Design Criteria

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Design Positioning

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How to create holistic boxing experience?

Real Punch (6).gif

Real Dodge (8).gif

Real Footwork (7).gif

Final Design

Hand Sensor Switch

A user-friendly solution for controlling the "punch" without relying on a phone or other device.

A convenient and hands-free way to control the "punch" product is with a hand sensor switch. This switch can turn the product on and off, as well as switch modes. The sensor is designed to detect up and down hand movements and is discreetly placed on the back of the product to avoid detracting from its front-facing design.

The hand sensor switch provides a seamless and convenient experience, making it an ideal solution for busy individuals who want to maximize their time and productivity. (1).gif

Light Indicators

A top-mounted light indicator that displays information about the mode, connection status, and other basic information.

The indicator uses LED lights that are positioned under a thin rubber piece to minimize distraction and maintain the product's sleek design. Whether users need to check the connection status or see which mode the product is in, the light indicator provides clear and concise information that is easy to understand.

By placing the indicator on the top of the product, it is easily visible and accessible, ensuring that users can quickly and easily check the information they need without any difficulty.

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Build-in Speaker

The speakers provide high-quality audio for music or workout instructions,

The Punch also features a built-in speaker system that connects to your smart home device, allowing you to listen to your favorite music or follow along with guided workout routines. The speaker produces high-quality sound that fills the room, making for an immersive and enjoyable workout experience.

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The Bump

An unique 3-layer design that allows light and a bumpy effect to indicate where users should punch.

The three layers work in tandem to provide a clear and effective visual guide for users.

The LED lighting provides ample illumination to help users see the punching area, while the movable structure with the bumpy effect offers a clear and precise target for users to aim for. The soft rubber stripes on the top layer also provide added comfort and grip, ensuring that users can experience the “real” punch feeling during the work out.

merged (4).gif (5).gif
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Ground Projection

Providing users with clear and concise guidance for their footwork during workouts.

Located at the base of the "punch" product is a convenient slot designed to house a projector. This projector can be used to project instructional information directly onto the ground, providing users with clear and concise guidance for their footwork during workouts.

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