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HYDIO is a MR Football Game System, including clothing and AR glass, for retired NFL players to enhance their holistic wellness.

2022 - system design, UIUX, soft good, electronics design

HYDIO is a MR football gaming system to recreate and rediscover the joy of playing football and activity fill the void of the sudden transition from being an active player to a retired player for retired NFL players.


Our Team

This is a Venturewell sponsored project done with 3 other students all from product design major.

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Henry Zhao


Sports retirement is often a major life transition for an athlete, usually it means a lot of psychological, physical and financial problems.


Nearly one in four players reported symptoms of anxiety (26 %) and depression (24 %), and nearly one in five (18 percent) reported symptoms of both conditions.

When NFL players retired, they suddenly become ordinary people from superstars. This psychological gap is cruel and decisive, Hydio is here to fulfill the gap.

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The System

The entire product system contains a pair of mixed-reality glasses, a pair of gloves and a compression suit. The user interface and platform binds all things together.

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Detailed Game Introduction:

Hydio keeps the strong competitiveness and team-oriented nature of traditional football, and the basic rules of flag football, but add visual effects and skills for each players to enhance the funess of this sport.

Game Mode: 5v5 Mix Reality Sport Simulation Game

Game Rules: Team with more score win. Similar with the flag football.

In order to provide our players with the most realistic experience, we have a pair of gloves that allows players to feel the ball and flags, a sporty compression suit that tracks players' movement and position, and a pair of super lightweight MR glasses for communication and information.

Sketch & Prototype


Our team did 3 rounds of sketching to find the ideal appearance of the glasses. Then we did quick rapid prototype and multiple trials of 3d printed models to test out the right proportion of the glassed and gloves.  

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MR Glasses

A mixed reality glasses is the eye of the Hydio system that helps players experience the most human-like virtual tackle football game.

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Compression Suit

A movement-tracking compression suit is the Hydio system's structure that captures every movement and perfectly presents in your sight.

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Contact Gloves

A pair of tactile simulation gloves in the hand of Hydio offers you every feedback you need. And conveys the most realistic virtual experience.

Let's play!

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Game UI

Hydio has just enough amount of information to guide users through the game and the graphics on the screen are so clear and users don’t even notice it after a while.

Future Map

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